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High Quality Live Sound & Lighting For The Northland!

We provide high quality PA Sound and Stage Lighting for bands, festivals, speaking engagements... 

Some key features of our Live Sound set-up:

1) Bose L1's as FOH mains - up to four L1 Model 1's and six B2 Bass Modules
2) Carvin LM12 monitors - up to eight at once with their own monitor mixes
3) Carvin DCM2004L - four channel power amps to power the monitors
4) Neumann & Heil microphones KMS 105, PR20, PR30, PR48, Fin, Handi, and wireless RC35
5) Presonus StudioLive 24.4.2 mixing console with a Yamaha MG166CX on site back up
6) LED Par Cans for stage lighting (sixteen total par cans).
7) Also available lighting - LED blinders/wash, lasers, moon-flowers...
8) Three high quality Line 6 XD-V70 wireless microphone systems are available.
9) A follow spot is available
10) We have wireless mixing capabilities via IPad.

There are four main benefits that our clients enjoy when using our services for their live sound needs:

1) High Quality Sound with little to no unwanted reverb in large venues (we are able to achieve this due to our Bose L1 line array systems that we use as mains).
*This makes speech much easier to be understood by all.

2) Volume is at a comfortable level close to the stage and can be heard well in the back of the room (we are able to achieve this due to our Bose L1 line array systems that we use as mains).
*The crowd can dance close to the stage with out having a painfully loud experience.

3) Low power consumption - our entire system is powered by class D amplification and we use only LED stage lighting, in short our equipment is very efficient and state-of-the-art!
*We only draw about 1/3rd of the power that other sound companies do.

4) Excellent customer service.
*We work really hard to give our clients 110%! A great show takes good communication before and durring the show. We go the extra mile to get all the information we can from the artists about their gear and musical styles so that we may fully accomidate them on the day of the event. For speaking engagements we spend hours before the show testing and tweeking until everything sounds just right. 

For more information about JD Bass Entertainment Live Sound, give us a call today!

Here are some area events that we have provided Live Sound for...

Tribute 2 Tim McGraw Band - Bad River Casino - Single Stage

 WITC - Ashland Graduation Ceremony

Winter Fest Festival at Mount Ashwabay

Ashland's Bay Days Festival - Two Full Stages!

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