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High Quality Live Sound & Lighting For The Northland!

We provide high quality PA Sound and Stage Lighting for bands, festivals, speaking engagements... 

Some key features of our Live Sound set-up:

1) FOH - Mains - Bose F1 System (we use up to 4 tops & 4 subs depending on venue)
2) Monitors JBL SRX712 (4) Carvin LM12 monitors (8)
3) Mic Heil PR35s  (lead vocals) and PR20s (back-up vocals and snare)), PR30s (guitars), PR48 (kick), Fin Vintage ("vintage look" vocal option), Handi (toms), and wireless RC35 (vocals) 
) Presonus StudioLive RM16AI & RM32AI with iPad or CS18AI Controller
5) LED Par Cans for stage lighting (stay cool all night)
6) Also available lighting - LED Scanners, Blinders/wash, Lasers, Moon-flowers FX...
7) Fog available (depending on venue)
8) A follow spot is also available.

About the Bose F1 FOH System:

1) Very clear and musical sound.
2) Deep low bass reproduction for bass guitar and kick
3) Extra headroom
4) High Quality Sound with little to no unwanted reverb in large venues (we are able to achieve this due to our Bose F1 line array systems that we use as mains).
5) Low power consumption - compared to other PA systems

*About our Live Sound Services:

We pride our selves in having Excellent customer service.

*We work really hard to give our clients 110%! A great show takes good communication before and durring the show. We go the extra mile to get all the information we can from the artists about their gear and musical styles so that we may fully accomidate them on the day of the event. For speaking engagements we spend hours before the show testing and tweeking until everything sounds just right. 

For more information about JD Bass Entertainment Live Sound, give us a call today!

Here are some area events that we have provided Live Sound for...

Tribute 2 Tim McGraw Band - Bad River Casino - Single Stage

 WITC - Ashland Graduation Ceremony

Winter Fest Festival at Mount Ashwabay

Ashland's Bay Days Festival - Two Full Stages!

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